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Sioux Dollman Exhibition Sept 2022

Filling Your Heart
Come celebrate the joy in the journey

1st-29th September 2022

Saturday 3rd September 1-3PM 

Sioux will be painting in the Waterwheel Gallery on
the three Thursdays and Saturdays after her opening
from 11am to 3pm and possibly other days.

Plus paintings by Sioux's students who journeyed into their hearts at her magical creation classes.

New paintings, prints and cards from Sioux's heart with love.

03 5966 9600
3400 Warburton Hwy, Warburton

Weekly Classes

Workshop OctNov 2023 - Sioux Dollman

A healing journey to fill your heart through acrylic painting, guided meditation and music.


Allow yourself to take the journey into your heart, in a nurturing and inspiring studio space with 6 participants for 8 weeks.


As you fill your heart on the canvas, you are healing and filling your own heart inside.

As we slow down we can allow and listen. Flow, express, learn and heal through art.


Everyone is welcome, no skills needed.

Upcoming Sessions

Wednesdays  Oct 5th 2022 - Nov 21st 2022    7pm - 10pm


Thursdays Oct 6th 2022 - Nov 24th 2022     10am - 1 pm

Total of 8 sessions

Energy Exchange


To book please contact Sioux via email or web form.


2023 Retreat - Sioux Dollman

Join us for a Healing Journey

Filling Your Heart

through painting, meditation, yoga and dance

This 6 day Yarra Valley Retreat has been created for you to see your true beauty and magic, in a gentle supported journey.

Allow yourself to embark on this nurturing, inspiring adventure of pure love.

Your Facilitators and Magic Makers
Aileen Wright, Healer & Sioux Dollman, Artist

For booking enquiries:

 Please contact Sioux via email or web form.

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