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My Story

It is through my art, the heart is expressed and manifested in an outward visual form to be shared with the people and the world around me. Allowing me to contribute JOY, PASSION, LOVE, MAGIC, BEAUTY and INSPIRATION to humanity, the earthly and the cosmic realms, and beyond .


I believe it is through our heart, creativity and our imagination we are together, as rainbow light conduits, creating, in the divine flow HEAVEN ON EARTH. Thank you to all.

Download Sioux's 2020 Bio here


Photo: Angela Rivas



One of a kind

Yarra Valley News
November 20, 2019


Living Sculpture

Owner Builder Magazine


Heart Art

Yarra Valley Ranges

& Country Life - 2014


From this place

Inspiring Women Artists of the Upper Yarra Valley

Photo: Angela Rivas


Photo: Angela Rivas

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