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My Magic Tree

My Magic Tree

Magic Healing Painting Workshop with Sioux Dollman

Saturday, May 18th 2024 - BOOKED  OUT  
Sunday,  June 16th 2024  - 10 am till 1 pm 

A Healing Journey through Painting, Meditation & Music.

My Magic Tree
Tend your  Seed  of Creation 
Connect to  your Inner Worth
Paint your Tree of True Potential 

Duration: 3 Hours
Cost:  $120 / Concession $100 


*Guided meditation 

*Beautiful music 

*Canvas board 30 cm x 30 cm 

*Paints and all art material 

*Introduction into acrylic painting 

*Step by step guidance , learn techniques 

*Care  and support 

*Love and Magic 


*Tea, coffee and crumble

Workshops are held in my nurturing, inspiring warm studio space in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Warburton.

All  Welcome , no experience needed. Accomodation available at the Art House Warburton.

For booking enquiries:

 Please contact Sioux via email or web form.

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Autumn Tree.jpg
Sioux Dollman - Paints.jpg
My Magic Tree


"I highly recommend Sioux's painting workshop experience! It was a wonderful weekend, full of painting, lessons, learning, great food and space. 


I surprised myself with how well my painting finished, as I had not painted since I was a child. But, it was a really beautiful painting and I left feeling very proud of myself, surprised in my artistic ability and very grateful to Sioux for all of her lessons and guiding us all through it so well.


Sioux ensured that everyone in the class had personal help, as well as the group demonstration, and guided meditations, she really went above and beyond to create a magical and wonderful time and experience for everyone. I am currently doing the eight-week class because the weekend workshop was so great, and I highly recommend that as well 👩‍🎨🎨."  ~ Dee


I did a weekend painting workshop with Sioux and was amazed at how much I enjoyed myself and how well my painting turned out. As a man who hasn't done any art since early high school, I had 0 expectations, but Sioux was incredibly supportive and helpful and I can't recommend her enough!" ~ James

"Sioux's painting retreat was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I went in, never had painted before in my life, wasn't sure if I'd do anything better than a stick figure with no idea what I was going to do. But during an incredibly powerful guided meditation led by Sioux before we started, ideas started pouring in and just like she said it would, the canvas was communicating with me as I started. 

I ended up making something that meant a lot to me and something I am beyond proud of myself for and I created something I never thought I was capable of. 
Her wisdom and guidance was second to none and I would recommend this to absolutely anyone. It's art, therapy and complete nourishment of the self on a whole new level with someone who has insane talent themselves with a great ability to teach.
Thank you Sioux, it was an experience I never expected. You're amazing ❤️ " ~ Pat

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