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 Filling Your Heart 8 Week Classes

Magical Creative Classes with Sioux Dollman

 Wednesdays & Thursdays:  MAY   -  June  2023

10am - 1pm

Allow your self to be immersed in magical inspiration 
Take a creative journey into your heart

Filling your heart 8 week painting class 

New Class starting starting May 4th Thursday 10am - 1pm 

 Guided Meditation into your heart, beautiful music ,yummy crumble, guidance and care, painting demos in my inspiration studio in Warburton.

Thank you so much love and magic Sioux ♥️😊💜


Healing through creation, a truly magical experience.

On our magical journey into our hearts ❤️

Allowing the unfolding, Trusting in the process, Present and focussed. 

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Thursdays May 4th - June 22nd 2023

Wednesdays April - May (Fully Booked)

10am - 1pm


INCLUDES: All art materials, meditations, journaling, loads of inspiration and your 60cm x 60cm Heart Painting on canvas.

A healing journey to fill your heart through acrylic painting, guided meditation and music.


Allow yourself to take the journey into your heart, in a nurturing and inspiring studio space with 6 participants for 8 weeks.


As you fill your heart on the canvas, you are healing and filling your own heart inside.

As we slow down we can allow and listen. Flow, express, learn and heal through art.


Everyone is welcome, no skills needed.

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"It has been a journey rich with learning, healing, and connecting within to create this painting. Sioux's guidance and encouragement enabled me to truly express the heart of my inner child and authentic self. This heart is my safe place, inspiredby the endlessly fantastical beauty of the natural world here in Warburton. " ~ Eryn.

"My painting was inspired by Ted’s lookout in Warburton. A peaceful place that instils an experience of awe and gratitude in me for the gift of nature. I like to hold this image in my heart as a resting image.
I have not painted s
ince my school years and approached Sioux’s workshop with some trepidation about drawing and painting. From day one, the ease and laughter in the group, the meditation, the woodfire, inspiring playlist and Sioux supported me to engage in a process that led to me finishing this piece. Thank you for your support and teaching Sioux, I look forward to returning to your art group again making connections with my inner self and others in your beautiful inspirational studio." ~ Michelle.

"What fills my heart, was the question I asked myself. The answer was, the Love that flows through me, especially when I am working. This painting is an image I received when I asked how to paint Love. The Love is held and guided by the ancient ones. My blessing and challenge is to Let myself shine" ~ Aileen.

"I have had a long journey of opening my heart and allowing it to emerge. Through blood I closed it down, Under sweat I let go of that which hid it
With an ocean of tears I am letting it emerge once more, AND IT IS WORTH IT!
" ~ Phoenix.



I have no doubt as to whom l am.. I just forget sometimes.. The lovely healing journey that has led me to paint this vision of my heart, has opened a joyous, happier and more grounded energy within.. It is with gratitude and much peace that l acknowledge self, my talented teacher and facilitator Sioux, and fellow participants. Thankyou for the opportunity and support for this glorious self discovery tour. Namaste.

Artist:  Lily Stokes

Art work: Cosmic heart of the Divine


Heart of God, heart of mine

One sacred heart

One tiny spark

I am that I am

connects all hearts

For I am he, as he is me

As we are we

One love one heart one all.

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