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Treasure Nest

Treasure Nest

Treasure Nest 
In I fly, into my nest 
A warm and lovely place to rest 
Is it really for me 
Yes, its for me to see 
A place of nurture and pure love 
Inside of me, connected to Earth and the Stars above 
Creating magic, shining bright 
I am a true gift of joyous light 
Living now peacefully
Being in my highest frequency
From this place 
I now create with ease and grace 
with all in flow 
 inner glow
Great gratitude to every shining one 
Together we create in laughter and fun 
A beautiful new world, caring and kind 
This in our hearts we will find 
Thank you xxx


Sioux Dollman


Acrylic on Canvas

Framed 65cmx65cm


Also available as a Giclee Print on cotton rag paper:

30cm x 30cm  - $60

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