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The Cave of Value and Worth

The Cave of Value and Worth


Into the cave I fly
Take a breath, let out a cry
Into the darkness to see the light
Into the deep for greater insight
To the matter of fact, to the core, to the truth
To Paint away the illusion
To come to the real conclusion
To know what it means
To love onesself, to live your dreams
Through your heart to a new earth
Into the cave of value and worth
A space of freedom, choices, joy and play
Creating from the geart a new way
Linitless, adventurous once more
All welcome, just open your door

INJOY, thank you


Sioux Dollman


Acrylic on Canvas

Framed 65cmx65cm


Also available as a Giclee Print on cotton rag paper:

30cm x 30cm  - $60

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