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Cosmic Dancer

Cosmic Dancer


Free flowing
Seed sowing
Dancing through the stars
From Earth to Venus to Mars
The energy of love
Pouring light from above
Expanding your heart
Create your life as a piece of art
Centre and ground
Feel the love all around
Embody all of you, call in your power
Know you are a unique precious flower
Live your truth, surrender, let go
Be now, in the presence, in divine flow
Dance, sing, sound and play
Be truly grateful for everyday

To shine, to be
Go in, the more you will see
Aligned, centred
With trust, courage and love
Knowing we are divinely guided from above.


Sioux Dollman


Acrylic on Canvas

Framed 65cmx65cm


Also available as a Giclee Print on cotton rag paper:

30cm x 30cm  - $60

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