Looking for an Illustrator. I take pride in being artistically flexible and capable of working in a variety of styles. To reflect this I offer illustrated imagery for a variety of media and purposes. These include:

- Posters
- Concept art
- Promotional images

I also handle illustration commissions for people interested in having art created for gifts or personal use.

Below is the completed series of 46 ink illustrations for the creature teacher card set and children’s
book by Scott Alexander King, released early this year 2011.

zebra wolf unicorn  turtle1 turkey tiger_extended tawny frog spider snake skunk sheep shark  salmon raven rabbit possum parrott owl nature mouse mountain lion monkey lynx lizard lion koala kangaroo horse frog fox elephant eel eagle duck  dragonfly dragon dove dolphin dog deer cows cat butterfly buffalo bee bear

Other Illustrations

DSCF5785 DSCF5784 DSCF5781 DSCF5779

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